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Highcon Euclid III

Third generation digital cutting and creasing machine – opens the door to countless new opportunities in high value applications and markets

The Highcon Euclid III replaces a complex, expensive and slow die-making and setup process, with an in-house controlled digital system, delivering improved responsiveness, design flexibility and enhanced efficiency. The Highcon Euclid III, based on Highcon’s proven technology, addresses today’s operational challenges and answers tomorrow’s growth needs by enabling a wide range of applications from packaging and commercial print applications to customization with Variable Data Cutting, Web-to-Pack and even 3D modeling.

The versatility of the Highcon Euclid III will enable converters, printers, trade finishers or even 3D service bureaus to keep up with the innovation and differentiation their clients are seeking.

At a glance

  • Application versatility
  • Wide substrate range
  • On-demand digital production eliminating tooling and streamlining setup
  • Improved supply chain responsiveness, short turnaround time and last minute corrections
  • A wide range of new, high value applications offering differentiation and competitive edge
  • Design creativity unleashed by removing the limitations of conventional die-cutting formes and stripping
  • Profitable solution for short runs at affordable price. Savings of tons of dies per year & expensive warehousing
  • Completely digital workflow
  • Easy integration into existing production lines
  • Up to 1,500 sheets/hour (B1 / 42 in.) , or 2,000 sheets/hour (B2 / 29in.)
  • Up to 2,250 sheets/hour (B1 / 42 in.) or 2,750 (B2/ 29 in.) with Productivity Boost option
  • Wide substrate range: label stock, cartonboard and microflute